Colby Rasmus boasts insane, thick beard at Rays’ spring training

It isn’t a policy their fellow organizations have jumped up to follow, though.

Maybe three others, if the Bleacher Report story is true — that is, if those who claim it are telling the truth instead of blowing the traditional pre-draft smoke.

(Speaking of pre-draft smoke: This also tells you that all the hand-wringing over keeping Mixon out of the Combine, denying him an opportunity to come clean in front of every team and get his second chance in a nationally-televised forum, wasn’t exactly the crisis it was built up to be. Not if this many teams still value him this much afterward.)

But don’t be shocked if there really are no other teams joining the Ravens in their stance. No more than anyone should be shocked that there could be as many as 28 other teams pondering snapping Mixon up as early as possible — likely in fear of missing out on a rare talent, and of catching backlash from fans who hate violence again women but hate supporting a losing team more.

There are good beards, there are bad beards, and then there’s the beard that Rays outfielder Colby Rasmus is boasting at spring training.

The veteran outfielder, who signed with the Rays this offseason, is sporting a thick, long beard with no mustache — facial hair that would make Abraham Lincoln jealous.

There’s always beard news in baseball, and Rasmus’ isn’t even the first this year: Earlier this month, Marlins manager Don Mattingly rescinded his policy banning facial hair.

Some might laugh at Rasmus’ beard, but I commend the decision. It’s Discount Code For Cheap Jerseys bold, and is flipping the trite tradition of growing beards during postseason runs on its head.

I hope that Rasmus goes along with a bizarro playoff beard approach and starts progressively shaving the monstrosity if the Rays approach playoff contention.

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