Dolphins practiced kicking frozen footballs to prepare for wild-card game in Pittsburgh

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The Dolphins are doing what they can to prepare for Sunday’s wild-card game against the Steelers, even if that means freezing footballs.

Miami’s punter and place kicker used pre-cooled footballs to prepare for the frigid temperatures in Pittsburgh, according to the Associated Press.

The reasoning is because the footballs become harder when its colder, and the air pressure in them fall. That means the balls can’t be kicked as far.

They definitely become hard in the colder weather,special-teams coordinator Darren Rizzi said. But theres only so much you can do in this kind of weather to practice. We actually put balls in the freezer, believe it or not. But you bring them out, and five minutes later theyve thawed out.

The Dolphins won’t have to worry about the balls thawing in Pittsburgh. The temperature for the Sunday afternoon game is expected to be 15 degrees.

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