Ezekiel Elliott receives injunction from federal court delaying 6-game suspension

A federal court in Texas ruled Friday to extend an injunction that will delay Ezekiel Elliott’s six-game suspension. Elliott is free and clear to take the field for the Cowboys until Judge Amos Mazzant issues a final ruling on Elliott’s pending lawsuit against the NFL. Elliott will likely play out the 2017 season.

All of that in a league that has insisted, all the way to the commissioner’s level, that the choice to not sign him was all about performance.

However, that’s only been the justification since the big freeze-out began six months ago.

Anonymous front-office types have spent a year telling you what they really think. The one who spoke to SN last week was the latest, and he told it in some of the bluntest terms yet.

It’s the same truth they told — again, anonymously — roughly a year earlier, primarily to Bleacher Report, and again to the same publication last spring. That was when Kaepernick started protesting and when he became a free agent, respectively.

None of them exactly deserve Purple Hearts for their bravery in refusing to attach their names to their thoughts. But at least one can see what they’re protecting.

Those who are covering their rear ends — and the outlets and reporters who are giving them shelter by acting as their official stenographers — are merely protecting the status quo, as part of the status quo. Spouting the company line endangers nobody. They may think it’s subversive to declare that Dan Orlovsky and Thad Lewis are better quarterbacks than Kaepernick, but they’re not better than Kaepernick.

Neither is Brock Osweiler, for what that’s worth … which is not much, according to the Broncos. It’s been a foregone conclusion for the past month, when the Dolphins called Jay Cutler out of Cheap Jerseys Coupon Code retirement, that the NFL was determined to sign literally any quarterback over Kaepernick Cheap Jerseys China NHL this offseason. With Osweiler falling into yet another safety net, this too has come to pass.

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