Jon Lester tired of ‘this damn slide rule’; Joe Maddon says it has ‘No place in our game’

Cubs pitcher Jon Lester is not one to hold his tongue.

During a Cubs loss to the Cardinals on Saturday, Chicago infielder Ian Happ was called out for an illegal slide at second — by proxy thanks to the rule, Anthony Rizzo was also called out at first base.

Lester took to the media after the game to make his thoughts known on the controversial rule, and he didn’t mince words.

Here’s the thing: Fans don’t usually complain that games are too long, as long as they’re entertained. And baseball itself is entertaining. That’s why we like it. But baseball was never meant to be a fast-paced affair.

Generally speaking, even most fans attending games, if they’re being honest, want the experience to last as long as possible, whether a scoreless tie or a slugfest. That’s probably true for a lot of fans watching on TV, too. We definitely know that’s true of the season itself, as fans love to long for baseball when it’s not on, to wax poetic about how much they miss it and how it warms the soul and makes life better. That’s because, for fans, any baseball is good baseball. Which is to say, baseball is always good, no matter how long it takes.

The game’s deliberate pace is not a detriment, folks. It’s an asset. Embrace it.

The incident is the latest in a long list of transgressions for Smith since he’s been in he NFL. He was suspended from the league for repeated violations of its drug policy on Nov. 15, 2015 and has not played since.

Last month, Smith also was reported to be under Cheap Jerseys Youth NFL investigation for domestic violence.

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