Ravens owner resisting signing Colin Kaepernick, report says

Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti is resisting his team signing free-agent quarterback Colin Kaepernick, despite support for the move from both coach John Harbaugh and general manager Ozzie Newsome, ESPN.com reported Wednesday, citing unidentified sources.

Brady also brought up the familiar refrain that football is a physical game, you expect to be banged up playing it, but you still keep playing it.

“You’re not blind to it as a player,” Brady told reporters. “It’s a contact sport and I think we all understand that. And there’s a lot of great benefits that football brings you. You certainly can be put in harm’s way.”

Brady has been cleared, and he clearly wants to move on. But this isn’t about protecting himself anymore, but rather helping to protecting the next generation of the game. Even the possibility that the game’s greatest QB was “OK” to play through an unreported concussion is contradictory to the NFL’s message that it’s taking every measure to emphasize safer youth football.

Brady had no choice to comment any other way: following the company line. He knew the league would take any chance to further investigate him. But as the latest case seems closed, it has revealed that it’s getting harder to believe whether the league is really doing everything it can to be transparent on concussions.

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