The Bears have run out of excuses.

Never before has a team welcomed playing four of the next five games on the road, even with trips to Oakland and New England looming.

The NFL hates falling to other sports as much it hates “outdated” facilities that won’t be Super Bowl-worthy sometime soon. That’s why the league moved the Rams from St. Louis and is moving Cheap Jerseys Soccer the Raiders from Oakland.

For the Rams and Raiders, though, at least Los Angeles and Las Vegas offer some appeal compared to their current situations. The Chargers’ move was forced and poorly planned with the players least in mind.

Stop selling the silliness of Mike Glennon, NFL starting quarterback, and turn to rookie first-round pick Mitchell Trubisky, effective immediately.

At the beginning of the season, there was some reason to buy the idea of John Fox and Chicago’s offensive coaches wanting to go with Glennon. Beyond how much money they already had thrown away on the former Buccaneers backup, there was the old-school notion that Trubisky “had little starting experience” and Glennon gave them “the best chance to win” early.

Well, Glennon has had four starts, and the team is 1-3. After Sunday, the Bears will be two games behind in the NFC North, both to the Packers — who routed them 35-17 on Thursday night — and the Lions. Chicago now should know what the rest us of already did before Week 1 — it doesn’t have a team bound for the playoffs in 2017. If the Bears don’t, they should accept that Glennon isn’t the guy who’s Cheap Jerseys To Design going to get them there. Either way, it’s Trubisky time.