Here’s where there’s hope that the NFL can be better than it is.

Kaepernick got an NFL franchise — one in a cartel of businesses that uphold themselves as beacons of Spartan egalitarianism, guided by Football Reasons — to make a personnel decision by Clap-o-Meter. The Ravens ultimately decided to pass after taking Ray Lewis’ word for it. The point stands: Kaepernick made NFL franchises lose their cookies and abandon their well-marketed principles by making them supremely uncomfortable.

After you’re confronted with something you don’t know how to deal with for the first time, it’s hard to be as surprised the next time. Shit you don’t want to deal with becomes an ever-present possibility, and in that way it’s normalized. This has been the preseason of protest in the NFL. Veterans like Marshawn Lynch, Michael Bennett, and Macolm Jenkins have all demonstrated during the national anthem. The Browns staged the largest anthem protest yet. All of those players will play this season, and their actions portend a season in which protest is the norm. If enough players are doing it, teams won’t do anything about it. They can’t blackball everyone.

Houston made a quarterback change (again). Andy Dalton couldn’t stop throwing interceptions. The Jaguars and Rams looked … pretty awesome? Let’s just say the first week produced some unexpected outcomes.

The Bengals had plenty of things to worry about going into the season opener, but quarterback Andy Dalton wasn’t supposed to be one of them.

End of first quarter. The Chargers were still driving in Broncos Cheap NFL Jerseys Good Quality territory on their second possession of the game when the first quarter ended.

The Broncos’ second possession of the game, a 13-play, 70-yard marathon of a Cheap MLB Authentic Jerseys drive, ended with a sweet Trevor Siemian touchdown toss to Bennie Fowler. It was a free play on which Chargers defensive lineman Joey Bosa was flagged for being offside at the snap. 7-0, Broncos.

Breaking down new-look Browns: Hue Jackson’s vision will be clear in fresh depth chart

The Cleveland Browns are coming off a 1-15 season, but a flurry of offseason trades, free-agency moves and draft picks has flipped the depth chart heading into the 2017 season.

Cleveland will build around No. 1 draft pick Myles Garrett on defense, and the offense added a new quarterback in DeShone Kizer to the mix. Second-year coach Hue Jackson, general manager Sashi Brown and chief strategy office Paul DePodesta have a vision, and it will be interesting to see how that looks this season.

Paying that foursome will be challenging in and of itself, but adding capable support players around them poses a real problem as the cap stays stable over the next few seasons Cheap NCAA Jerseys but their salaries rise either through new contracts or eight percent annual raises. It is entirely possible that ownership will buy in to this core’s ability to contend, but it would come with hefty luxury tax bills starting as soon as 2018-19 and continuing until at least 2020-21 unless the league landscape changes abruptly Cheap NFL Jerseys Good Quality during that time.

That approach also put more pressure on general manager Dennis Lindsey to either retain George Hill or find a similarly capable point guard quickly because Utah missed the 2016 playoffs in no small part because of their lack of a capable player at the position. Lindsey answered by trading for Ricky Rubio, but will that be enough? Considering Hayward has only made the postseason twice in his career, he could expect playoff appearances as a baseline for a potential suitor.

That brings Utah’s other major challenge into focus: long-term expenses. Lindsey and a strong Jazz front office have done a wonderful job drafting Hayward, Rudy Gobert, Derrick Favors and Rodney Hood while also adding quality veteran depth around them, but eventually those draft successes become substantially costlier (Incidentally, I wrote about this inevitability with the Jazz in October 2015).