There’s a real chance Dalvin Cook falls out of round one

Replacing Fowler will be a bigger challenge, as the Cubs head into spring training planning to start swift-fielding Albert Almora Jr. in center. While Almora impressed in the playoffs, there is precedent for young prospects who excel in the postseason to struggle to adjust Cheap Vintage Baseball Jerseys in their first full-season — Michael Conforto and Xander Bogaerts are recent examples. They did sign Jon Jay, a solid outfielder in his own right, but if Almora stumbles, he’d be hard pressed to provide what Fowler — who totaled 4.2 WAR last season — did in 2016.

Coming off a career season, it was a bit surprising that Ramos didn’t cash in more than he did in the offseason following a .307/.354/.496 and 22 home run campaign. But no one, including the Nationals, bit on giving the 29-year-old catcher a big deal, betting on regression to hit. With Ramos signing with Hanson Brothers Cheap Jerseys Tampa Bay on a two-year, $12.5 million deal, the Nationals had a hole at the catching position. To replace Ramos, Washington picked up a former top prospect of theirs, signing Derek Norris away from the Padres.

There’s a real chance Dalvin Cook falls out of round one, with his character, athletic test and previous injury concerns. But the Raiders need a feature running back, and Basketball Jerseys For Sale they have interest in Cook. He could be Ezekiel Elliott 2.0 in Oakland.

Houston really needs a quarterback of the future, and if the Texans can land Patrick Mahomes I’m confident they will move up to get him. But if not, defensive back and offensive line are their likely first-round targeted positions.