The hot takes were flying moments after the hit.

Clouding over this game was the injury to the Penguins captain. A stick to the back of the head by Alex Ovechkin and a cross-check to follow it up from Matt Niskanen sent Crosby to the locker room for likely the rest of the game.

The hot takes were flying moments after the hit. Was Niskanen intentionally going after Crosby’s head? Or is it just an unfortunate accident? How about Ovechkin’s role? We at SB Nation are of the mind that Niskanen did not intend to injure Crosby, but the play was still reckless.

Washington scored first in the late stages of the first period, and the Penguins thought they had tied the game early in the second. However, the net came off its moorings and Chris Kunitz seemingly interfered with Braden Holtby on the goal.

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