That’s more than what Lynch offers at a normal presser.

As if the evidence we had linking football and CTE wasn’t overwhelming enough already, we now have an expert neuropathologist, Dr. Ann McKee who found CTE in 110 out of 111 of the former NFL player brains she studied, Representative Jan Schakowsky (D., Ill.), who is leading the charge against CTE in Congress, said Tuesday. The time for denying facts and looking the other way is over.

We must now actively seek out ways to protect the health and wellbeing of players from Pop Warner to the NFL and every league in between. It is also imperative to ensure that the American people are informed about the dangers associated with playing football.

The league released a statement Tuesday about the results of the new study, saying it is committed to supporting research into CTE and finding ways to prevent head injuries and effectively treat them.

That’s more than what Lynch offers at a normal presser. If he’s going to speak at that length each week, NFL fans will have plenty to enjoy all season. It’s possible that we’ll learn even more about him because of it — and that’s a reason to be excited. Because we already love what’s been shown to us.

That bruising running style is back with more motivation
Lynch is the first player in NFL history to have a play he made named after a natural disaster — and he’s done it twice.

There was the original BeastQuake, where Lynch went on a run that you’d call B.S. if you ever saw it in a movie. It was that good.

He did it again four years later in 2015 with BeastQuake 2.0 — shoving one of the Cheap High Quality Jerseys best cornerbacks in the game in Patrick Peterson, and throwing Rashad Johnson to the sideline on his Cheap Goalie Jerseys Soccer way to the end zone.

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