The Orioles have won ‘Star Wars’ Day, so all other teams can stop trying

If you’re gonna geek out about May the Fourth, you might as well go all in. The Orioles clearly get it.

What they did was a tremendous project. There ended up being probably no better year that they could’ve picked than that year, Garber said. It was a perfect year to do what they had in mind to do.

Diamond deflects such praise back to the players.

It’s their story. We just documented it, he said. They’re the ones who made the project successful because it was about them.

But despite all the praise, It’s a Long Way to October has become a forgotten blip in baseball history. That’s mostly because the Braves’ 1982 season became the focus, preventing the type of production that would have lasting, broad appeal among baseball fans.

It hasn’t really had a lot of re-showings because it basically just chronicled that one season, Hanson said.

In fact, it’s a challenge to find it anywhere. YouTube has a few clips, and bootleg copies can be had, but there’s not been a public, nationwide broadcast in decades.

That means a whole generation of baseball fans — even Braves fans — doesn’t know it exists. But they aren’t likely to discover it through official means.

On the surface, it looks like the World Baseball Classic is the most Cheap Indiana Pacers Jerseys prominent part of what baseball is doing to grow the brand and share the game around the world. That’s true to a certain extent — the tournament’s marketability and engagement are off the charts.

Look no further than the 2013 final between the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. Ian Penny, senior labor counsel for the players association, said 75 percent of televisions in Puerto Rico were tuned to the game.

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