There’s a wall of helmets representing all 32 NFL teams

The true astonishment begins when one walks through The Star’s entrance and into a massive atrium. In view ahead, through glass windows, are the Cowboys’ outdoor fields. Above is a custom, ceiling-mounted LED light sculpture by renowned artist Leo Villareal. (We’re talking 19,200 lights.)

To the right, behind more glass, is the room where Cowboys press conferences take place. To the left is a security desk, intimidating yet inviting in its glitz.

In plain sight also are the five Vince Lombardi Trophies the Cowboys have earned with their five Super Bowl wins.

There’s a wall of helmets representing all 32 NFL teams. Each helmet can be illuminated, so during a game week, the Cowboys’ opponent will be highlighted. If Dallas is playing Atlanta, for example, the Cowboys helmet and the Falcons helmet will the two illuminated on the wall.

There’s a state-of-the-art television studio and control center. In a separate location is an entire studio dedicated to podcast recording.

The same type of splashy mentality went into the move that was supposed to solve Washington’s longstanding problems at quarterback. The Redskins traded two first-round and one second-round pick to the Rams in 2012 for the chance to draft Robert Griffin III with the No. 2 overall selection.

Griffin didn’t just flame out in Washington after a dynamic rookie season ended by a serious knee injury. He wasn’t even in the league as training camps opened across the NFL in 2017.

Snyder bears some of the blame for that. As chronicled in a 2016 story on The Undefeated US Cheap Jerseys website, Griffin’s demise came about partly because of Snyder enabling him to demand Texans Cheap Jerseys that then-head coach Mike Shanahan — who claims he never supported trading all those picks to begin with — change the offense to make him more of a pocket passer even though his skill set dictated otherwise.

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