There’s a real chance Dalvin Cook falls out of round one

Replacing Fowler will be a bigger challenge, as the Cubs head into spring training planning to start swift-fielding Albert Almora Jr. in center. While Almora impressed in the playoffs, there is precedent for young prospects who excel in the postseason to struggle to adjust Cheap Vintage Baseball Jerseys in their first full-season — Michael Conforto and Xander Bogaerts are recent examples. They did sign Jon Jay, a solid outfielder in his own right, but if Almora stumbles, he’d be hard pressed to provide what Fowler — who totaled 4.2 WAR last season — did in 2016.

Coming off a career season, it was a bit surprising that Ramos didn’t cash in more than he did in the offseason following a .307/.354/.496 and 22 home run campaign. But no one, including the Nationals, bit on giving the 29-year-old catcher a big deal, betting on regression to hit. With Ramos signing with Hanson Brothers Cheap Jerseys Tampa Bay on a two-year, $12.5 million deal, the Nationals had a hole at the catching position. To replace Ramos, Washington picked up a former top prospect of theirs, signing Derek Norris away from the Padres.

There’s a real chance Dalvin Cook falls out of round one, with his character, athletic test and previous injury concerns. But the Raiders need a feature running back, and Basketball Jerseys For Sale they have interest in Cook. He could be Ezekiel Elliott 2.0 in Oakland.

Houston really needs a quarterback of the future, and if the Texans can land Patrick Mahomes I’m confident they will move up to get him. But if not, defensive back and offensive line are their likely first-round targeted positions.

Tom Brady denies being The GOAT, says he’s just a ‘product’ of Patriots’ system

Is Tom Brady just a product of Bill Belichick’s system? That argument has been made by several talking heads over the years, and now the veteran Patriots quarterback appears to agree with them, at least partially.

Speaking humbly to ESPN after he was asked if he had replaced childhood hero Joe Montana as the GOAT, or Greatest Of All Time, Brady responded:

With Brady, it’s a mix of talent and the system he’s in. What if someone other than the Patriots had drafted Brady? Would he still have the success he’s had? Maybe not entirely. But we’ll never truly know. What we do know, is that Brady belongs in the GOAT discussion, even if he won’t admit it.

The incident wasn’t carried live on the Marlins broadcast but did make it on the air live in St. Louis as Evaniuk attempted to “distract” Cardinals pitcher Brett Cecil as he faced the Marlins Christian Yelich.

Said Evaniuk: “I mean I just, like, shimmied my boobs a little bit. But I guess the whole Internet just broke after that. To be honest, I actually didn’t even think I got caught on camera because it was so fast.’’

South Florida radio talk-show host Andy Slater was sitting to Evaniuk’s left and laughing at the flashing, the Miami Herald reported.

“When you go to a baseball game you never know what you’re going to see on any given night,’’ Slater told the Herald. “It happened so quickly. I didn’t even think the camera caught it. Then, three minutes later, someone showed me their phone and it was already a GIF on Twitter. Amazing.’’

Slater told the Herald that Evaniuk is expected back at Marlins Park on Monday for a game against the Astros.

“Everyone wants to know, if you go back to another game, would New Vikings Jerseys Cheap you do it again?’’ “Inside Edition” asked her.

“No,” Evaniuk said, emphatically shaking her head.

Suspect in Seattle burglary ring arrested while wearing Felix Hernandez’s watch

Felix Hernández (shoulder) put on 10-day disabled list. Since his MLB debut (Aug. 4, 2005), his 2,442 1/3 IP are the most by any pitcher.

Hernandez is 2-2 in five starts with a 4.73 ERA in 2017, well MLB Jerseys Wholesale above his career ERA of 3.18. The 2010 AL Cy Young winner is 156-111 in 12-plus MLB seasons, all in Seattle.

Servais tried to downplay the situation but admitted that shoulder problems for a pitcher can be problematic.

“He just didn’t have much tonight,” Servais said. “It was like dead arm. He didn’t have any pain or anything like that. Nothing was coming out. And he just didn’t feel good. Any time it’s a pitcher and his shoulder, you are concerned. Hopefully he’s OK.”

In another move Wednesday, the M’s placed outfielder Mitch Haniger on the DL with a strained oblique. He also left Tuesday’s game in the third inning.

A burglary ring that police say targeted expensive homes in the Seattle area was especially proud of one of its conquests.

Police say one of three men arrested this week in connection with 123 break-ins around the city was wearing a watch stolen from Mariners star Felix Hernandez’s home that was inscribed with the pitcher’s nickname, “King Felix.”

Police in suburban Bellevue held a news conference Wednesday to announce the arrests, though charges were not immediately available. According to the Seattle Times, police said they recovered nearly $500,000 worth of stolen items from the home where two of the suspects were arrested and the men’s vehicles.

Among the more curious items seized by police was a 2000 New York Yankees World Series champions ring apparently owned by Hernandez.

Now Hernandez and the other burglary victims will get their jewelry MLB Baseball Jerseys and other possessions back, allowing the Mariners pitcher to wear his custom-engraved watch again — though presumably not the World Series ring.

the Reds and their fans are enjoying this unexpected success after three straight bad seasons.

Add it all together and it’s a formula that’s working in Cincinnati. Whether it’s sustainable, well, that’s debatable. Not to mention that the NL Central has been a bit of a mystery in the early going. Are the Cubs really just a .500 team all of a sudden? Are the Brewers likely to hang around all season? Are the Cardinals now poised to run away with everything? The answer to all three questions is, most likely, no. How the Reds fit in to everything as these storylines work themselves out might be a bigger unknown.

For now, though, the Reds and their fans are enjoying this unexpected success after three straight bad seasons.

Yes, baseball history is full of April-May success stories that ultimately produced unhappy or mediocre endings. Whether the story of the 2017 Reds brings a happy ending is a mystery that only gets more compelling with each day, week and month that ticks off the calendar.

Besides, hitters can take advantage of the sacrifice bunt rule.

“The sac bunt is a bogus stat, because guys will try to do it knowing they will not have an 0-for-1 in the box and possibly a 1-for-1 with a hit,” said Kevin Youkilis, famous for his ability to get on base and who had 44 career sacrifice flies of his own, including a league leading 11 in 2006. “I also never understood why a player gets a sacrifice for bunting, but not moving a runner over [by way of a well-placed ground ball]. You are taught to do it all the time. Give yourself up for the team. Why not be rewarded for being selfless?”

Let’s take a look at an extreme and improbable hypothetical situation, but one that is, in Cheap Vikings Jerseys China theory, possible. Say a ballplayer goes 1-for-1 on the season with a solo home run and 501 sacrifice flies. He then bats 1.000/.002/4.000 on the year with 502 RBIs. Despite a “horrible” .002 on-base percentage, this would undoubtedly represent the greatest individual single-season offensive effort in baseball history.

NFL painkiller abuse among allegations in court papers, report says

Former NFL players accuse the league of violating federal laws regarding prescription drugs, disregarding DEA guidance on controlled substances and keeping players on the field by using the powerful painkillers and anti-inflammatories, according to sealed court documents in a federal lawsuit, The Washington Post reported in an in-depth look at the issue.

The bombshell report, based on the newspaper’s review of the sealed material, provides what the Post describes as “a rare look into the league’s relationship with drugs and how team doctors manage the pain inherent in a bruising sport to keep players on the field.”

THIS PAST SEASON: Phillips, who is 35 and has one year and $14 million remaining on his contract, slashed .291/.320/.416 with 11 homers, 64 RBIs and 14 stolen bases in 2016. He’s driven in 134 runs with 37 steals over his last two seasons.

OUR TAKE: A three-time All-Star and three-time Gold Glove Award winner, Phillips’ best days are behind him but he proved he can still contribute and would fit in perfectly in the Braves’ infield and lineup. Phillips would still be at second base in front of Rodriguez and would still hit near the top of the order, likely behind Ender Inciarte but in front of sluggers Freddie Freeman and Dallas Cowboys Cheap Jerseys Matt Kemp, making Phillips a candidate for plenty of runs scored.

Rosenthal points out that Rodriguez is set to undergo surgery on his left shoulder next week due to car accident and is a contributing factor into why the Braves are pursuing Phillips. Another reason is the Braves new stadium, SunTrust Park is set to open and the Braves still need to put the talent on the field to sell tickets. Phillips, who is from Stone Mountain, Ga. and owns a home in Atlanta, will help draw fans and help turn Atlanta into a winner.

Colby Rasmus boasts insane, thick beard at Rays’ spring training

It isn’t a policy their fellow organizations have jumped up to follow, though.

Maybe three others, if the Bleacher Report story is true — that is, if those who claim it are telling the truth instead of blowing the traditional pre-draft smoke.

(Speaking of pre-draft smoke: This also tells you that all the hand-wringing over keeping Mixon out of the Combine, denying him an opportunity to come clean in front of every team and get his second chance in a nationally-televised forum, wasn’t exactly the crisis it was built up to be. Not if this many teams still value him this much afterward.)

But don’t be shocked if there really are no other teams joining the Ravens in their stance. No more than anyone should be shocked that there could be as many as 28 other teams pondering snapping Mixon up as early as possible — likely in fear of missing out on a rare talent, and of catching backlash from fans who hate violence again women but hate supporting a losing team more.

There are good beards, there are bad beards, and then there’s the beard that Rays outfielder Colby Rasmus is boasting at spring training.

The veteran outfielder, who signed with the Rays this offseason, is sporting a thick, long beard with no mustache — facial hair that would make Abraham Lincoln jealous.

There’s always beard news in baseball, and Rasmus’ isn’t even the first this year: Earlier this month, Marlins manager Don Mattingly rescinded his policy banning facial hair.

Some might laugh at Rasmus’ beard, but I commend the decision. It’s Discount Code For Cheap Jerseys bold, and is flipping the trite tradition of growing beards during postseason runs on its head.

I hope that Rasmus goes along with a bizarro playoff beard approach and starts progressively shaving the monstrosity if the Rays approach playoff contention.

Jonathan Stewart extends Panthers deal through 2018

There’s little doubt entering the 2017 season that, barring injury, Jonathan Stewart should break the Carolina Panthers’ all-time rushing record. Now he can do it with the confidence that this will not be his last season in a Carolina uniform.

The nine-year NFL veteran signed a one-year contract extension Friday to remain with the Panthers through 2018, the team announced.

Stewart is currently the second-leading rusher in Panthers history with 6,638 yards, trailing former teammate DeAngelo Williams by just 208 yards. His history with Carolina made extending his stay an easy decision. “We could not be happier to take part,” Benedict said.

As the visiting team, Boston College gets no guarantee and an allotment of just 7,000 tickets.

Boston College athletic director Brad Bates, who decision it was to turn down the offer for the 2016 game, said in a statement, “This is a great opportunity for our fans to see us play seven games in Boston . . . We are excited about the chance to play a game in one of American’s most iconic sports venues.”

A week earlier at Fenway, Brown hosts Dartmouth on Friday, Nov. 10, and UMass takes on Maine on Saturday the 11th.

There will also be several high school football games at the ballpark next season, plus an Irish hurling match after the football field is broken down, as the Red Sox look to maximize revenues beyond baseball season.

“November is a good month for us,” Red Sox team president Sam Kennedy said. “We want to activate the ballpark as much as possible once the baseball season is over. The Cheap NBA Jerseys From USA ballpark is a great venue.”

Jon Lester tired of ‘this damn slide rule’; Joe Maddon says it has ‘No place in our game’

Cubs pitcher Jon Lester is not one to hold his tongue.

During a Cubs loss to the Cardinals on Saturday, Chicago infielder Ian Happ was called out for an illegal slide at second — by proxy thanks to the rule, Anthony Rizzo was also called out at first base.

Lester took to the media after the game to make his thoughts known on the controversial rule, and he didn’t mince words.

Here’s the thing: Fans don’t usually complain that games are too long, as long as they’re entertained. And baseball itself is entertaining. That’s why we like it. But baseball was never meant to be a fast-paced affair.

Generally speaking, even most fans attending games, if they’re being honest, want the experience to last as long as possible, whether a scoreless tie or a slugfest. That’s probably true for a lot of fans watching on TV, too. We definitely know that’s true of the season itself, as fans love to long for baseball when it’s not on, to wax poetic about how much they miss it and how it warms the soul and makes life better. That’s because, for fans, any baseball is good baseball. Which is to say, baseball is always good, no matter how long it takes.

The game’s deliberate pace is not a detriment, folks. It’s an asset. Embrace it.

The incident is the latest in a long list of transgressions for Smith since he’s been in he NFL. He was suspended from the league for repeated violations of its drug policy on Nov. 15, 2015 and has not played since.

Last month, Smith also was reported to be under Cheap Jerseys Youth NFL investigation for domestic violence.

The Orioles have won ‘Star Wars’ Day, so all other teams can stop trying

If you’re gonna geek out about May the Fourth, you might as well go all in. The Orioles clearly get it.

What they did was a tremendous project. There ended up being probably no better year that they could’ve picked than that year, Garber said. It was a perfect year to do what they had in mind to do.

Diamond deflects such praise back to the players.

It’s their story. We just documented it, he said. They’re the ones who made the project successful because it was about them.

But despite all the praise, It’s a Long Way to October has become a forgotten blip in baseball history. That’s mostly because the Braves’ 1982 season became the focus, preventing the type of production that would have lasting, broad appeal among baseball fans.

It hasn’t really had a lot of re-showings because it basically just chronicled that one season, Hanson said.

In fact, it’s a challenge to find it anywhere. YouTube has a few clips, and bootleg copies can be had, but there’s not been a public, nationwide broadcast in decades.

That means a whole generation of baseball fans — even Braves fans — doesn’t know it exists. But they aren’t likely to discover it through official means.

On the surface, it looks like the World Baseball Classic is the most Cheap Indiana Pacers Jerseys prominent part of what baseball is doing to grow the brand and share the game around the world. That’s true to a certain extent — the tournament’s marketability and engagement are off the charts.

Look no further than the 2013 final between the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. Ian Penny, senior labor counsel for the players association, said 75 percent of televisions in Puerto Rico were tuned to the game.

John Ross is fast as hell, and you can’t teach that.

LeBron James is not messing around en route a potential seventh consecutive NBA Finals. He came out of the gate aggressive and ready to crush the Toronto Raptors from the get-go. It was easy to forget that this was merely Game 1, because James was that disrespectful.

He finished with 35 points, four assists, and 10 rebounds, and was clearly the best player on the floor, able to put his head down and get to wherever, whenever.

The Raptors, like most other teams, had absolutely no answer for him. James’ teammates filled in perfectly as the three-point flamethrowers he needs to win games too, and that spelled disaster for Toronto.

First things first; John Ross is fast as hell, and you can’t teach that.

But while he brings elite speed to the Bengals’ offense, he doesn’t have an traditional background of FBS success. Ross’s first two seasons at Washington saw him quickly develop into a supplemental playmaker. He caught just 33 passes while also handling cornerback duties for a rebuilding Huskies team. He blanked the entire 2015 season with a torn ACL, but came back stronger than ever last fall.

Ross’s 1,122 receiving yards and 17 touchdowns made him the AP’s Pac-12 Offensive Player of the Year, but he wasn’t in the conversation as a potential top-10 pick until he lit up the NFL Draft Combine with a 4.22-second 40-yard dash.

Cincinnati paid a premium for his speed. Now the Bengals have to hope his Discount Code For Cheap Jerseys pro career will more closely resemble his final year at Washington than his first three.