Even QB Derek Carr’s quick return from his back injury could not stop the Raiders’ downward spiral.

The defense made both Adrian Peterson and Carson Palmer look rejuvenated for the Cardinals, and the shoulder injury to QB Jameis Winston put Ryan Fitzpatrick at least temporarily in charge of the offense. Not exactly a good day for the Buccaneers.

So, of course, with Odell Beckham Jr. done for the season and the Giants practically out of WRs, that’s when the offense springs to life and the team gets into the win column. Could it all have been as simple as Coach Ben McAdoo handing his offensive play-calling duties to coordinator Mike Sullivan?

This could get very ugly, very quickly if a lame-duck franchise cannot put a winning team on the field. Thursday night’s game against the Chiefs becomes very important for the Raiders as they try to gather themselves.

Luck heads to Europe: Andrew Luck, according to an ESPN report, is in Europe seeking treatment for his shoulder. Luck will miss the entire season after having shoulder surgery in January and had to be shut down after throwing a few weeks ago. He isn’t the first to seek treatment in Europe — Peyton Manning and Kobe Bryant have done so as well.

The once-superb defense has been decimated by injuries, so the offense will have to lead the way if the Texans are going to contend. That’s fine against the Browns, and rookie QB Deshaun Watson has been excellent. But there surely will be some down days for Watson during the developmental process, and there probably isn’t enough around him at this point to overcome that, against even Cheap Football Jerseys Xxl reasonably good competition.

The defense has found a way to contribute — by generating turnovers and scoring TDs — and the big win over the Lions means that the Saints can dream about being in the NFC playoff Cheap Embroidered NFL Jerseys chase. Whether those dreams are realistic remains to be seen.

No one needs to worry about Coach Marvin Lewis’s job security or QB Andy Dalton’s worthiness to be the starter, at least for now. The Bengals’ season has renewed possibilities as they return from their bye.

Burfict goes bye-bye: Vontaze Burfict, the Cincinnati Bengals’ combative linebacker, was given an early trip to the showers Sunday, ejected in the first half of the game against the Tennessee Titans for bumping an official.

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