He was a diehard Browns and Indians fan. I was raised to scream and yell and break things, and that’s still how I react.

Under Goodell, the likelihood that this championship will be determined by a vicious illegal hit — an attempt to cripple — a me-first misconduct penalty, or the absurd, totally unintended application — or misapplication — of a replay rule, has grown when all should have been greatly diminished.

Thus, at a time when the NFL should be re-establishing friendships with newly made enemies, it continues to pretend the smoke is coming from way down the street. Just close the windows; it’ll go away.

Don’t believe me? Just look at the stats, with each of the aforementioned four rookies topping 1,000-plus scrimmage yards this season: Hunt had 1,782 scrimmage yards, Kamara had 1,554, Fournette had 1,342 and McCaffrey had 1,086.

While some observers will suggest Hunt and Fournette were a little more traditional in their approach based on their 1,000-yard rushing seasons, their contributions as pass catchers shouldn’t go unnoticed. Each guy finished with at least 35 receptions (Hunt had 53, Fournette had 36) and flashed big-play potential on screens and checkdown routes out of the backfield.

“One of the things we didn’t recognize in time was one of the three young kids who caught the flag looks scarily like me,” Siciliano said. “So much so that when CBS tweeted out a picture of the kids, there are comments below like, ‘Holy hell, is that Siciliano who caught it?’ At NFL Network on ‘Game Day Prime,’ LaDainian Tomlinson’s final take at the end of the show was, ‘How can Andrew Siciliano catch a flag at MetLife Stadium and still do the Red Zone Channel in L.A. at the same time?’ ”

For Siciliano, every Sunday begins the same way. He awakens at 5:45 a.m. at his house in West L.A., watches NFL Network’s “Game Day Morning” for a half hour, hits the shower and gets in the car. First stop is Starbucks for an iced venti five-shot Americano (one extra shot of espresso) and oatmeal. His drive to the DirecTV’s massive Los Angeles Broadcast Center in Marina del Rey is just 10 minutes (“It’s the only time when there’s no traffic in Los Angeles,” he says). He uses that time, each Sunday for 13 years, to call his parents.

“Usually it’s about college football from the day before, or if the Browns are gonna win finally on Sunday,” he said. “My dad is from Cleveland — you get sports from your dad and religion from your mom, that’s how we did it.

27. Stan Kroenke, owner, Rams (19): He’s the NFL’s version of a Bond villain, right Cheap Basketball Jerseys down to the mustache, and stories of his non-football business dealings over the years make him look even worse. But he brought the Rams back to Los Angeles, where Cheap Bruins Jerseys they belonged, and how Kroenke brings off the relocation is still worth watching.

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