John Lynch’s honesty provides Colin Kaepernick, 49ers a breath of fresh air

For some reason there’s a powerful, viral strain of honesty running through NFL team front offices this week. Teams suddenly are telling the truth about Colin Kaepernick, who is still unemployed on June 1, nearly three months into free agency.

Giants owner John Mara’s revelations were more on the aggravating side (not to mention disingenuous in light of his own history with supposed “problem” players). 49ers general manager John Lynch, however, was refreshing in correcting the record.

It’s another sign that Lynch’s lack of experience in the job is not going to be a hindrance, and that he’s what that team, and the NFL, actually needed. The first sign was his public undressing of the Bears on draft night. This may be even more consequential — it will have no bearing on the field for his team, but is invaluable to his and the 49ers’ integrity.

Breaking them up for any reason other than them not playing well enough anymore is foolish. Just as foolish: Failing to appreciate them for fully being themselves in a sport that goes to great lengths to suppress that.

Sherman, Wilson, Bennett, Earl Thomas, Kam Chancellor, Doug Baldwin, the leftover spirit of Marshawn Lynch … you don’t muzzle them, tame them, squeeze them into a box, tell them to walk one path in one formation.

Belichick has been accused of concussion ignorance in the past. Former Patriot Ted Johnson in 2007 claimed the coach “subjected him to hard hits” while the linebacker recovered from a concussion.

Soon after Bündchen’s claims, Brady’s agent, Don Yee, released Cheap Elite Jerseys a Cheap Flag Football Jerseys statement saying his client was not diagnosed with a concussion last year. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell echoed that when he was asked about Brady at the NFL spring meetings in Chicago.

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