Josh McCown Jersey: Sam Darnold Jersey gets better every day

When a team is holding a competition for a job, one doesn’t really expect to hear one of the competitors extolling how quickly a younger player is coming along.

Jets quarterback Josh McCown has been seen as an ideal mentor for a younger player for several seasons, however, and one of the reasons why is that he’s willing to say when his teammates are doing well. That’s what he did on Tuesday when asked about rookie Sam Darnold’s work during the opening practice of minicamp.

I would say it’s clear Tyrod’s the leader of this team. And that’s a big component of that position also, he said. But what I will say is probably in my career, this is one of the best — if not the best — quarterback rooms, in general, that I’ve had.

After going 9-7 two years ago, Winston Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping and the Buccaneers fell apart in 2017. Winston won just three of his 13 starts last season, dropping his career record to 18-27.

Granted, it’s not entirely Winston’s fault that the Bucs backslid last year. But he’s the quarterback—so guess who gets the blame?

Considering, off the field, Winston is also the subject of an NFL investigation into a groping allegation and faces a potential suspension, 2018 could be the year that defines his career.

Smith’s high comes from getting his newest Super Bowl ring, an Eagles piece of jewelry to go along with the Ravens hardware that he won in his second NFL season. It will be interesting to hear what he has to say come Monday. (And he has an open invitation to say it on PFT Live.)

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