Meet the player Pat Shurmur made his 1st move with Giants courtesy of an inside job

EAST RUTHERFORD Go look at a sign-in sheet for Penn State’s Pro Day in 2016 and suddenly Pat Shurmur’s first official act as Giants head coach will make even more sense.

About 24 hours after hiring Shurmur on Jan. 22, the Giants claimed tight end Kyle Carter off waivers from the Vikings. Shurmur spent the past two seasons as Vikings tight ends coach-turned-offensive coordinator and had a first-hand scouting report on Carter.

My wife and I were at the grocery store and I randomly got a call from my agent saying ‘We got something: Pat wants you over in New York,’ Carter said. I was like, ‘For real?’ I didn’t even think about that when it came to options. I thought I would just go back to Minnesota after waivers.

Carter had been released three previous times by the Vikings, re-signing to the practice squad or a futures contract each time.

It was one of those type of things things (where) they didn’t want to do it but they had to do it, Carter said. Once the waiver wire was over, they would sign me back. I was OK with that stuff. That was my team. But when this opportunity came up, I was excited.

So I think it’s really important to find out what’s possible. According to Haslam, the Browns want to get all their options on the table before they decide what move to make. There could be a lot of great ideas that we might not be able to do because it’s not feasible for one reason or another, Haslam said. I don’t want to get the horse in front of the cart until we’re knowledgeable enough to know, because we’re not informed enough to know right now. But we do know that we have a desire to make a bigger impact on the future of Cleveland.

Due to the weather in Cleveland, a domed stadium or a retractable roof might make sense, but Haslam wasn’t ready to commit to any type of design when she was asked about the plans this week. Those are all the questions that you ask over the next five years, Haslam said.

We are not developers. We don’t know about it. We are in the learning stages of what you would do, so we don’t know. I don’t think anybody has any idea of how that would Cheap Jerseys And Hats work. I think it’s way premature to have some of these conversations. Whenever there’s talk of a new stadium, one of the Cheap Ireland Football Jerseys first questions that comes up involves who will be footing the bill. Although there’s no answer to that question yet, the Haslams have already shown that they’re willing to contribute some serious money to get things done. In 2015, the team paid for roughly $95 million toward a $125 million renovation of FirstEnergy that took two years to complete.

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