Their decision to invest in Glenn doesn’t come without risk, as he had an ankle injury that made him expendable in Buffalo.

It’s been business as usual for the Cincinnati Bengals during free agency, with the exception of one move: the trade for former Buffalo Bills left tackle Cordy Glenn. The Bengals rarely spend money, which is a significant reason why their contending window closed so quickly. But they acquired a high-upside player while only swapping first- and late-round picks with the Bills.

The list of transactions reads like a Madden offseason and features seven signings, four player-for-pick trades and one player-for-player trade. While it’s unlikely every move will have a favorable outcome for the team, Cleveland needed depth and reliable starters. Acquiring impact players on offense like Tyrod Taylor, Carlos Hyde and Jarvis Landry may be enough to get the Browns into the playoff race.

The quest for higher-upside players isn’t over, either. With five picks in the top 64, the Browns can afford to take developmental players who may need a year behind their newly acquired veterans. The franchise has erred in the past by forcing young players onto the field too soon and asking them to fill roles they simply weren’t meant to fill yet.

In 16 games this past season, Patterson logged 31 catches for 309 yards while adding 121 rushing yards and two scores on 13 carries.

As of last month, 60 percent of Republican primary voters planned to vote for Trump in 2020, according to the Granite State Poll conducted by the University of New Hampshire. That’s up from 47 percent in the same poll in October.

Even Flake, who delivered a blistering speech about Trump’s presidency here on Friday, conceded that Trump remains too popular among the GOP base to lose a primary if it were held today.

But Flake told reporters that “things can unravel pretty fast,” particularly Free Shipping Cheap Jerseys Fans Cheap Jerseys if Republicans lose control of Congress in the midterms.

“Two years from now, we could have a completely different scenario,” Flake said Sunday during an appearance on CNN’s “State of the Union.” “Nothing focuses the mind like a big election loss.”

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