Tomlin vented to his buddy and former boss in Dungy — it’s unlikely he’ll make a habit of it.

Following one of the biggest wins of his career, a 31-16 victory over Ohio State on Sept. 9, Mayfield planted an Oklahoma flag at midfield of Ohio Stadium. Two days later, he apologized, saying he “didn’t mean for it to be disrespectful.”

What worries Tomlin is the fact that the Patriots have the NFL’s top-ranked passing offense. Facing Brady’s quick release and clutch play in big games is a major challenge. So the Steelers coach wants to create a mindset in his players that they can beat any team in the league, including the Patriots. It’s also clear the Patriots’ AFC title game win over the Steelers in January sticks in Tomlin’s craw because the Steelers were badly outplayed on the big stage.

Tomlin also knows who’s coming up on the Steelers’ schedule before the Pats game. He’s not worried about his players overlooking two heated division rivals, the Bengals and Ravens, over the next two weeks. Tomlin surely will have his players focused on the task at hand, because if they falter, the Patriots game may not affect the battle for home field.

But while Van Gundy thought he’d be an excellent pro, he draws the line at anyone who suggests they knew Tatum was going to emerge as a legitimate 3-point threat at the NBA level.

Heck, a graphic displayed during the draft broadcast pinpointed Tatum’s Cheap NFL Jerseys USA biggest weakness as 3-point shooting.

Also in that eye-for-an-eye spirit, a disturbing word was thrown out during and after the game, including by Brown: “Karma.”

Anti-Steelers fans took it to a dark place. They saw Shazier’s Best Place For Cheap Jerseys injury as “what he deserved” for violently knocking out Bernard in that infamous playoff meeting. Likewise, when Burfict was down from Smith-Schuster’s block, anti-Bengals/Burfict fans felt as though Burfict was receiving justice for taking out Brown in that same game.

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